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Safe braking requires pinpoint accuracy. We build our products according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Etrifix repair kits are the spare parts your braking system needs.


We control and individually test each spare part. Now you can press the brake pedal with the same confidence you had on the first day!


Our products have perfect quality. We carefully select the raw materials, we apply the right treatments and we use the latest CNC machineries available in our production.


We guarantee that our repair kits will have an improved lifespan. By choosing any of the Etrifix products, you will get fair prices and optimal maintenance expenses.


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We have an extensive expertise in the truck caliper spare parts business. Our motto is: Quality in diversity. Etrifix provides customers a wide range of spare parts, which includes approximately 300 spare parts for calipers for various brands of trucks, buses and semi-trailers. When choosing an Etrifix spare part, you receive the guarantee of quality, reliability and durability.

Our suppliers from Turkey and Europe have lent us with their experience of over 10 years in the production of original equipment (OE). The factories where Etrifix components are manufactured are equipped with the latest technology and are serviced by highly-qualified personnel. This is how we manage to rigorously control the entire production flow, from design to reliability tests to ensure that we can guarantee your braking safety.


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All Etrifix spare parts are manufactured using state-of-the-art machines, produced by the world leader in the field, LIEBHERR-LORENZ and certified by Wacker Chemie AG.

We only offer:


We carefully check the quality of the products throughout the entire production flow and we test each produced piece individually. 

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We provide you with our products and services promptly and with professionalism.

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The silicone that we have chosen to use in Etrifix components holds REACH and ROHS certifications

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Etrifix is the brand that offers customers a wide range of spare parts, including approximately 300 parts of caliper components, suitable for many brands of trucks, buses and semi-trailers. When you choose an Etrifix spare part, you get the guarantee of impeccable quality, reliability and durability. • All Etrifix components are made with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, produced by the world leader in the field, LIEBHERR-LORENZ and certified by Wacker Chemie. • The silicone we have chosen to use in making Etrifix components is REACH and ROHS certified. • We provide you with our products and services promptly and seriously.


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Quality in diversity

We promise you'll push the brake pedal with confidence! By choosing our products, you will choose safety first! Always choose quality spare parts.

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Etrifix specialists know that the type and specifications of the raw materials used are the determining factors for the quality of the final products. Our products have a perfect quality precisely due to the raw materials used, the applied treatments and the flawless CNC machines used in production. We guarantee the compliance with the highest-quality standards in the field!

The benefits of Etrifix products


The main rule that we consider when producing an Etrifix spare part is to always respect both the dimensional characteristics and those related to the raw materials used.


Quality materials only come from production processes carefully controlled by specialists in the field. We control the quality of a piece throughout the production flow, not only in the final stage. We take care that every treatment and finishing of our parts is of the best quality and we have ensured that the parameters of the raw material will always meet the specifications of OE (Original Equipment).


Safe braking requires the highest accuracy. We respect the specifications of OE manufacturers with the highest precision. The spare parts produced by Etrifix are the ones your braking system needs. Now you can press the brake pedal with the same confidence as on the first day!


Professionalism is the flagship attribute of all Etrifix employees and suppliers! Our Etrifix sales team is ready to provide expert counseling and personalized advice. Together, we will choose the best option for your safety and your loved ones - always with seriousness and promptness.


By choosing Etrifix, you have the guarantee that your spare parts will have an optimal lifespan. This quality is found in all our portfolio products and allows you to fully trust the braking system of your car.


All Etrifix components are made with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, LIEBHERR-LORENZ brand, certified by Wacker Chemie. In addition, the silicone we have chosen to use in making Etrifix components is REACH and ROHS certified. What does this certification mean? We have assumed that we will produce Etrifix parts using only quality raw materials.


Our specialists carefully test and check all components before they reach the market! We control and test each mechanism individually. Your safety is our highest priority.


The braking system should contain only quality spare parts not just spare parts with good price. Etrifix products will help you reduce the maintenance costs of your braking system in the long run. Therefore, the use of quality parts also leads to a reduction in repair costs and a decrease in the costs generated by keeping your trucks in the auto service instead of on the roads.


How to know whether Etrifix products are original?

When you need to repair a caliper for your vehicle, look no further than Etrifix! Using the Etrifix caliper components, you can confidently press the brakes again and again. We are fully committed to strictly respect the technical specifications for each product! We check the progress of each product throughout the entire production flow. Attention to detail and the standards we always respect will guarantee your safety. We use quality raw materials to produce quality parts. We do not discount the technological flow to reduce costs! All Etrifix spare parts will reach you in the best condition. Does your truck brake as well as it did on the first day? That can only mean you chose the Etrifix parts!

All Etrifix products will arrive to you in a branded packaging with the black and yellow Etrifix logo and an EAN code that proves the traceability of the original product. This way, you are able to check that we have followed the strictest production processes!

You won't have to worry when it comes to parts that contain silicone components such as the tappets. We rigorously check that they are always sized correctly with a design that allows air to be removed.

The contact surface of the tappets with the brake pad is treated with zinc phosphate. The procedure helps to prevent corrosion and offers high resistance to temperature differences – Never worry about rust again!

Etrifix silicone elements contain 100% silicone! We don’t add other elements to silicone. We offer what we promise! We respect the production standards and the promise to the customer!

For us, the quality of the original equipment products is always a standard, regardless of the type of spare parts that we made. Even the quality of the adhesives we use in the production of Etrifix spare parts complies with this rule.

When producing a lever, we managed to shape it in a single procedure simultaneously on all sides. By the high standards we respect in the production process, we can guarantee the safety of a correct braking process.


Why Etrifix?

When you want to repair a caliper for your car, look for us! You will be able to confidently depress the brake pedal again using the Etrifix caliper components. You will easily recognize them thanks to the personalized packaging with the yellow and black Etrifix logo and an EAN code that ensures the traceability of the original product. By choosing Etrifix you can be convinced that all the pieces will reach you in the best condition. Does your car brake as well as it did the first day? It means that you have chosen the original Etrifix parts, in black packaging and yellow logo!


The prices are exactly as they should be, compared to the quality offered. My company will always remain a loyal customer.

I first bought Etrifix this fall. Since I started to use the repaired caliper I had no problems at all. I am satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend Etrifix!

The finishing of the spare parts are of the best quality, they give me confidence. Thank you, Etrifix!

When I bought it, I didn't think it wouldn’t rust. Yesterday I checked the entire braking system, and the parts I bought from you are completely intact. You really do a good job!

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Have you decided that you want to trust your brakes? Come and find our products in truck repair shops or truck parks, distributed through dealers to dealers (warehouses) or to truck owners. Not sure what you need? For any order, you will receive the proper advice from our team. In addition, you will benefit from our convenient delivery terms.